Monday, March 27, 2006


Well, I'm finally in the 2ww. Yes, I ovulated. Now we just keep our fingers crossed until we can test.

There hasn't been too much going on. We are still trying to plan our reception. There's too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak in order to get any decisions made and it's frustrating me to no end! Hopefully we'll come to a decision quick.

We invited my sister and bil over for dungeonous crabs yesterday - omg were they good.

Speaking of my sister, I think she's lost it. I really should journal about her a little more, she's crazy, it would be great entertainment. I really do love her but she's just off her rocker and I'd love to chalk it up to her being pregnant but sadly she's always like this...

On Thursday my sister told me that all of their finances are finally in order and right where they need to be and she' very happy. Then she starts talking about their next house...and I tell her that I think she should re-evaluate her relationship before buying a new house to which she said that either way she suspects he'll get 1/2 of everything anyhow. I explained to her that she doesn't want to buy and move into a new house only to have to sell it in order to give him 1/2. I was just looking out for her. She's not happy, he's not happy, they fight terribly, she doesn't trust him financially (remember this is the guy who was fired from his UPS and lied to her for over 5 months and then opened a credit card in her name and used it w/o her knowledge - she busted him on both accounts or who knows how long he would've kept up with the lies) and she says he disgusts her.

But then the switch is flipped and she asks me why I am I always telling her to get a divorce... we went round n' round for a bit and she basically handed me my head when I finally told her that she lived with him and I only heard bits & pieces and that I was sorry.

Then on Friday, she tells me that she was asking herself what she was doing with her husband, is she just waiting for things to get worse. She also asked me to read an article called, "How to know when to call it quits?" (or something along those lines) She went down the list of 10 things and tore him up and went on and on again about how disgusting she thinks he is, that she loves him but she's not in love with him, that they haven't had sex since she conceived 26 wks ago and so on with never mentioning our conversation from the day before. She's nuts!

Anyhow, wish me luck on my 2ww. I'll need it being as how I read the other day that couple 30-35 yrs old can take up to 9 months to conceive. Bill will be 37 this year and I will be 35... joy. It could be a long road.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

This 'n That

I still have not ovulated.

I was up half the night with the dog b/c going through the trash the other day up with him. I woke at 2am the first time with him vomitting on our bedroom floor. I jumped up and tried to get him out to a non-carpeted area but that didn't happen fast enough. So I go out to get some paper towels and I notice that he's thrown up once before that on the 'area' rug in the living room - DISGUSTING! I cleaned up what I could and decided to clean up the stain in the morning. Laid back down. 3:30am I'm back up to the dog heaving. Jump up and this time I'm successful at getting him off the carpet - outside would've been nicer but at least it wasn't on the carpet - clean it up, thinking I was going to hurl the whole time because it stunk so bad and go back to bed but not before putting the dog ouside for the rest of the night. I tell Bill what's going on so he's aware of why the dog is ouside and so that he's careful as to where he walks, even though I have papertowels down. It's now 9:30am and the dog is still sick. I feel bad for him but there's not much I can do for him. I think I'll call the vet when I get off the computer and see what they say.

We got our marriage license in the mail Thursday! YaY! Now I can start changing my name!

Austin told me a cute little poem the other day and I thought I'd share with you:

The more you study, the more you know
The more you know, the more you forget
The more you forget, the less you know
So why study?

He's brilliant.

And last but not least, if you can spare some prayers Bill's cousin Kelly would appreciate it. She went through all of her treatments and her hair was growing back, her blood counts were increasing but apparently, the cancer is back and she went for her 1st chemo treatment with a new course of action to hopefully beat this once and for all.

Can you please send out a prayer for her?

Thursday, March 16, 2006


We're all sick.
Bill has a sinus infection.
Austin has strep.
And I have a virus that I'm hoping doesn't turn into strep...

I did not ovulate the other day so this cycle is not a bust. Although it seems like I'm never going to ovulate... I have long cycles 33-48 days long and it seems as though this will be another cycle of 40+ days. Probably because I'm sick. I'd like to act all flip about it but my patience is wearing thin. I mean it's my first month ttc, I just want to ovulate already. Why are my cycles so long and irregular?

Anyhow, I'm going to get off of here and do some housework since I'm home with Austin. I have a lot that needs done.

I hope everyone is having a great day. Send me some ovulating vibes please.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Parent tricks?

Yesterday Austin told me that he had $1,003 at daddy's. A thousand dollar bill and 3 ones. I said no he didn't because there's no such thing as a $1,000 bill (although I'm not positive) and he disagreed so I said it was in Monopoly money and he said it wasn't.

This went on for a bit so he offered to call ex so he could "Prove" it. I told him that was ok, I believed him.

That's when he told me that he knows if he tries to PROVE something, then I'll [automatically] believe him to avoid being wrong and then he said, "I also know a few more tricks about you parents but I'm not telling. "

OMG! I can't imagine what he knows... but how funny is that?

He does have $1,000 bill but it's like Argentian or something foreign.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

TTC woes

I guess this month was not meant to be after all.

I held off ovulation the whole time Bill was gone. Yesterday, he was coming home. Yay! His plane was to land at 4:30pm and that would have him arriving home at 8:00pm at the very latest.

Then his flight from Spokane, WA to Minneapolis, MN was delayed 2 hours b/c of a snow storm in MN. But, better safe than sorry. However, that delay caused him to miss his connecting flight... so they got on the VERY next flight to BWI that was available, it would take off at 7:10pm putting him home no later than midnight. However, when he went to go check the board, that flight is also now delayed 2hrs.

Long story short, Bill got home between 3 & 3:30 am and when I woke and took my temp, it shows a rise like I ovulated. Now, it could be a fluke temp. I've had none of my typical O signs...maybe because I'm sick which could also be the reason temp rise - I'm sick. Not to mention, it was 85 deg here yesterday and our house is VERY warm and I was sweating like a stuffed pig when I woke up.

But I'm not going to fool myself. I think I o'd...

I did wake Bill at 6:15am and we dtd but that still leaves me in the slim to none chance this month being as how an egg only lasts 6-12 hours.

Oh well, I tried. Damn trip.

I'm more upset about this than I thought I would be.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

This 'n That

I met with a new gyn on Monday. The one I go to now just doesn't fit with my personality AT ALL. I've never met someone so boring and monotone and dry in all my life other than my micro/macro economics teacher in college. I really liked the new doctor so it was a sigh of relief.

The new doctor and I talked about the do's and don'ts of ttc. After this cycle he's going to give me clomid since I have really long unpredictable cycles.

Bill is going to Idaho tomorrow afternoon until Monday. He's checking out 'new' hunting property that will be much cheaper for him to hunt than where he's been going. He'll be gone some of the most important days of my cycle so again I'm praying this month to ovulate a little later rather than sooner.

I gained 3-4lbs in Jamaica and I've lost all desire to work-out and lose it. I am dieting but not exercising. And I just bought 5 candy bars from a guy at work. Dam(n) him.

My sister LOVES her new job. Her hours are 8:30-5 period. Her other office hours were 9-5 but they told her within her first week that she wouldn't be able to do her job in those hours so she started coming in at 8 and working some days until 6-6:30 and brought work home. Then they treated her like crap. The new job everyone is wonderful - hell, they hired her 6 mos pregnant. The guy that did the hiring has 8 children himself and he told her not to stress there at all. They want her to be happy and have a healthy baby. I'm happy that she found them.

I'm getting a head cold.
Bill already has it.

The woman who does my laser hair removal quit her job. Now I don't know if I can go back without having to pay more...

My sister asked Bill and I if we would be guardians of her children provided something happened to her and her husband at the same time - Dana Reeve got them thinking.

I need a living will.

I still have not received the marriage license but it could take up to 2 months. However, that means I can't legally change my name without it. I've changed my last name on my emails, my cell phone, my library card but credit cards, social security and driver license will all have to wait. I can't wait. I HATE my current last name. It's ex's last name. I only kept it for Austin's sake but that's not who I am anymore. I've hated it ever since I made the decision to keep it.

When I first met Bill he was pretty rough around the edges. I see them smoothing out now and it makes my heart melt. He's so sweet. Saturday he stayed at work to help one of his employees make something for personal use. When he came home I gave him a hard time b/c we needed bathroom stuff done - that I couldn't do - but he was tired. I said something along the lines that if he could stay at work longer to help someone, he could help me a little at home. Later he told me that the guy makes jewelry in his spare time and he told him that he would help him with what he needed but only if he made me something (jewelry).

About a week ago, Bill told me, "I realized today, how lucky I am." God I love him! I can die a happy woman now that we're married.

My life is complete.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

An Austin funny

So our bathroom is finally up and running - and it's gorgeous! But Austin was taking a shower yesterday and here's our conversation (him behind the shower curtain, me in my room):

Austin: "Who's the blue soap for?"
Ftr, the 'blue' soap is a bar - Austin and I use body wash.

Me: "Billy."
Austin: "Oh, he doesn't use the body wash."
Me: "No."
Austin: "So he does it the old fashion way?"
Me: "Yep"

Using a bar of soap is now considered The Old Fashion Way. lol