Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8wk appt

I had my first OB appt. today. I had to do a gluclose test, which normally doesn't affect me but I think b/c you have to drink it so fast (within 5mins) and that I did it on an empty stomach, I thought I might hurl. I was feeling a little green but eventually, I started feeling better.

They have to draw the blood exactly one hour after I finish the drink so they took a total of 4 vials for all the other tests they had to run as well. They also had to do a urine test and my blood pressure was 112/60 and the urine came back negative. They sat me down in the dr's office and he went over my whole history again. They did a pap. I had the works.

And then to my surprise, he gave me a sonogram! It's too early to 'hear' the heartbeat so they did a sono so we could 'see' the heartbeat.It was amazing and so unexpected.

The little 'critter' (as the dr called it) was an inch or so long with little arms and legs with little hands and a little fluttering heart. I can still see it now. They didn't take any pics or measurements since it was just to see the hb and we were in the office but nonetheless, I was in awe.

I'm growing a baby.