Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bleed for me by Michael Robotham

Sienna and Charlie, Joe O'Loughlin's daughter, are best friends. An ordinary night turns out to be anything but ordinary when Sienna shows up at Charlie's house covered in blood but takes off running, scared before anyone can speak to her. When she is found she is traumatized, won't even speak and then it is confirmed that she's wearing her father's blood. One thing leads to another and she is charged with her dad's murder. Joe wants to help Sienna. What he's put through in his attempts to prove her innocence is maddening.

I've already said, "I don't know who I love more Joe O'Loughlin or Michael Robotham for creating him" but I can not overlook Ruiz in this equation - I love when Ruiz and Joe work together.

This was not a predictable outcome and I highly recommend Michael Robotham to anyone who will listen to me!