Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spare Change by Bette Lee Crosby

What a sweet story.  I really loved little Ethan Allen.

This book was about the survival of an 11yr old, Ethan Allen.  Survival of a bad home life and survival of the dark secrets he carries with him as he searches for his grandpa.  However, instead of finding his grandpa, he finds Olivia.  Olivia has burdens and scars and superstitions of her own and the last thing she wants is a child, never mind an 11yr old but they learn to work it out and Ethan Allen learns to trust his secrets with her and together they form a very strong bond - one that the Cobb's learn about the hard way.  Now he just needs to get everyone to believe him.

Like I said, sweet Christian story with likable (and 'hateable') characters.  Definite recommend.

And don't miss Jubilee's Journey the second book in the Wyattsville series.

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